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DSD Express About OUR VISION


DSD Express will be the best provider of quality non-food goods to convenience stores, gas stations, truck stops, e-commerce sites and other high-foot-traffic retailers.


We believe in selling quality products below retail prices, to ensure that our customers are satisfied. Remember, with us customer service is #1, which makes YOU our PRIORITY.50

DSD Express More About OUR WORK


As a provider, DSD Express help establishments and distributors to generate more sales and profits for their retail locations. We keep our products fresh by rotating our stock. Shelf life for the average product is about 30 to 45 days, and then you have got to rotate it out and replace it with something new.5010


DSD Express started as a small, fairly new organization located in Liberty Center, OH. It opened its doors in 2012 having only 5 employees working but now it has expand and increase in the number of employees that are serving customers and clients to achieve our main goal which is customer satisfaction.


If you want to increase the sales of non-food products, Displays are key. You have got to have the right displays and presentation of merchandise. Always renew your displays in order to show variety of what you can give.